Representing our school as a member of a Sports Team is a privilege that student athletes and coaches must accept with a full sense of responsibility. Along with this, it should be understood that each represent our school, and the image one demonstrates will be regarded as the standard for the school. It is the desire of the school administration and the involved coaches that the image for Fredericton High School is of a positive nature, and one that will enhance the image of FHS both inside and outside our community. This accepted kind of behavior and attitude is expected to be shown in the classroom and general school area, as well as on the sporting field.

This “Code of Conduct” shall act as the guide by which all school representatives will Conduct him or her in any capacity or endeavor. The code contained herein covers the areas of personal behavior, attitude, courtesy, appearance, academics, sportsmanship, and commitment to the various programs.

***Each team member is expected to thoroughly review this conduct code before the season begins, and should keep a copy on hand, in order to refer to it if necessary.

GENERAL BEHAVIOUR (Includes Coaches/Supervisors)

  1. Language: The use of profane or improper language is not acceptable. Extreme verbal outbursts show a lack of self-control and immaturity; these reflect on the school as well as the individual.
  2. Attitude: There is an expectation that all athletes be courteous, mature, cooperative and respectful at all times. Individuals should conduct themselves with the knowledge that they, alone, are responsible for their own actions.
  3. Sportsmanship and Fair Play: In all practice and game situations, athletes are expected to perform to the best of their ability, within the context of specific rules of their sport. Sportsmanship and fair play to teammates, opponents, and officials, should be in the forefront of the team’s basic philosophy and attitude. Shaking hands with opponents after competition should be a routine procedure.
  4. Team Initiation – Intimidation (Bullying): Team initiation often intimidates new team members by forcing them to perform acts that are deemed offensive, unsafe, humiliating or in poor taste.  For these reasons, there shall be NO INITIATION of new team members at Fredericton High School. (Coaches should spend time with their players on this very serious matter).

Academics: Realizing that academics are the priority of the high school years, students are expected to remain in good academic standing in all classes. The student-athlete’s responsibilities include attendance, punctuality, cooperation, general behaviour, respect for teachers and fellow students, and a genuine effort on all homework assignments, tests, projects and examinations. Individuals struggling in a subject should seek extra help. Student-athletes who fall out of good academic standing may be removed from the team until they return to good standing or maybe removed from the team permanently. These decisions will be made on a case by case basis with consultation from school administration and the head coach of the team.

Jobs/Part-time Employment: Students must realize the difficulty of making a serious commitment to both school activities and part-time employment. Priorities should be established, and if an individual chooses to work at a job that may interfere with practices or games, it is generally understood that this will hinder his/her responsibility as a team member. Players devoting time to jobs in lieu of practice time cannot expect as much playing time or competition involvement. Their roles in that activity may be reduced or eliminated.

Uniforms/Equipment: All participants have a personal responsibility to properly care for any uniform or equipment item issued to them. This includes a neat and orderly appearance for all games, competitions, and performance, as well as the immediate return of all uniform/equipment items issued.

Smoking, Smokeless Tobacco and Vaping: Smoking is detrimental to your ability to perform, and therefore hinders both you and your team, in addition to your personal health. Smoking is not an acceptable activity for students who wish to represent FHS. Coaches will strictly enforce this with their teams.

Alcohol and Drug Use: The use of alcohol or illegal drugs will not be tolerated under any circumstances and will result in immediate suspension from the team.

Missing Class Time: It is the sole responsibility of each athlete to inform teachers in advance when time is to be missed for a team event. Each athlete is responsible for all assignments due and work that will be covered while the athlete is away.

Social Media Use: Students are reminded that when using social media they still represent the school and their team. Posting of inappropriate material or pictures (drugs, alcohol, sexually explicit material, etc) may result in disciplinary action (team suspension).

Practices: Team members must demonstrate a commitment to the program by attending practices. Athletes must realize the importance of game preparation. Failure to attend practices or games, without just cause, may mean loss of player status within the team structure. Regular practice attendance includes being on time and assisting with equipment needs. Students must be in school on days they wish to practice or play.

Overlapping Sport Seasons: Individuals who choose to participate in overlapping sports must realize that their prime commitment lies with the team in season. Any participation in the second sport while the first is continuing may only be done with the permission of the coach of the “in” season sport. All students in general should not attempt to undertake too many activities.

**Note to Coach – Please encourage students to participate. Be flexible; remember the ‘in season’ sports take precedent over the second in event of conflict.

Playing Time: Over the past few years, this has become a very contentious issue. Playing time is issued at the discretion of the coach. The coaches make every attempt to ensure that all players get playing time, but there are games (especially playoffs) where some players do not play or get limited playing time. If this is a problem to you, meet with the coach to discuss your concerns.

Parent Line of Communication: Should be Coach and then Athletics Director for sport related issues.

Other: If individuals choose to participate in a sport that is not school related, it is understood that the school sport takes first priority.

Athletic Fee: An athletic fee of $25.00 per athlete will be paid as part of the team fee submitted to the coaches/manager. This fee is used to offset the cost of running our many programs and to ensure our athletes are insured with the NBIAA.

Medical: Medical examinations are recommended before athletes participate in their first practice. Concussion protocols must be followed prior to the athlete’s return to play after suffering a concussion. New concussion protocol and forms must be filled out prior to return of play. Any athlete receiving a blow to the head must sit out of the game immediately and may not return to play for a minimum of 24 hours.

Equipment: Mouth guards and eye protection are highly recommended. Athletes are covered by additional insurance through the NBIAA. If there is an injury, parents should refer to the NBIAA website for further information.

Transportation: Parents who transport students to athletic events should refer to Policy 512-513 on the ASD-W website. This policy applies when the school organizes transportation.

*Students are reminded that students cannot drive other students to event outside the City of Fredericton. Nor can they drive other students when leaving directly from the school to the playing facilty.

Revised Sept 2023

Dave Carson

Athletic Director

Fredericton High School

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